Welcome to MDS: MPC Data Services

MDS encapsulates the next generation MPC web services, both interactive and programmatic. Our new data-centric
web apps and APIs will be hosted here on the "data" subdomain.

Summary of Where Are My Observations - SWAMO

SWAMO lets you explore the outcomes of all submissions over the MPC's history at a month-level granularity,
and the SWAMO-R dashboard lets you explore the outcomes of the past six months worth of submissions at a
Added html documentation for designation identifier API day-level granularity. Visit the about page for more information.

(Alpha) MPC Explorer

MPC Explorer is a user-friendly web application that allows you to search for an object, resolve its identity,
and retrieve the following: Designation information, ephemeris, orbit, and observations. Recently updated to
use latest version of the Designation Identifier API, and can be used as the web-based front end, although the
remainder of the Explorer's functionality is still in development.

(Alpha) MPC Lists

This lists frontend is meant to replace the lists available here.

Orbit Comparison Tool for NEOs

This tool allows you to compare the orbital parameters that are present in MPC's MPCORB.dat files with
JPL's values for the same objects.

MPC Database Tables Schema

Last Updated 2023-10-02