SWAMO: Summary of Where Are My Observations

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While the WAMO tool helps to investigate individual observations, the SWAMO companion dashboards are meant to provide summary information for observatories.

The SWAMO dashboard shows the outcome of all historical observations at a month-level granularity, and the SWAMO-R dashboard shows the outcome of the last 6 months of observations at a day-level granularity.

If you'd like to visualize the data in other ways, the data is free to download and visualize locally. These can be obtained from swamo-all-latest.csv and swamo-recent-latest.csv.

Monthly data is updated once per week and the daily data is updated once per day.



  • MPC is not a real obscode, and represents the sum of all data across obscodes

Pie charts:

  • Two finger scroll: zoom
  • Click to reset the view
  • Click + drag to pan


  • Select rows to highlight the data on the plot
  • Click headers to sort the data by column value


  • Tools available on the right side of the plot

Outcome explanations

  • Alt-processing

    • Processed separately, in a low cadence processing pipeline
  • Not-minor-planet

    • Includes suspected artificial satellites and not-minor-planet outcomes